Frequently Asked Questions

SpatialStories SDK is a coding library and a visual plugin compatible for Unity that allows you to easily create interactivity inside your project.

SpatialStories Studio is a standalone app for desktop and browser. It is a scripting and prototyping software that offers a simplified interface designed for non-coders. The system behind is the same on both the Studio and the SDK allowing you to seamlessly work on both.

Currently, only SpatialStories SDK is available. SpatialStories Studio will come later this year and information about the release will be published on this website.
Pricing is not yet available.
Of course! Our main target are designers, scriptwriters, filmmakers, anyone who doesn’t necessarily know how to program!

The SDK allows you to create endless interactions without coding. It has presets for inputs (conditions) and actions, everything accessible through the editor interface of your game engine.

Through the Studio you will be able to write your story, create characters, define interactions, all by just typing, drag and dropping and linking objects.

SpatialStories is however powerful enough for developers to customize it. If you know how to code, you will be able to create custom conditions and special actions for your objects!

At SpatialStories we aim at being platform agnostic. We want to provide features for all the main headsets available on the market. Currently we support Oculus and HTC Vive, and very soon Samsung GearVR with its controller and Daydream as well.

We will also provide presets for Hololens in a near future.

For now Unity is supported. We plan to make it available for the most popular game engines later (Unreal…)